Collection: Patches

  • about the patch

    you can use it as a sticker on paper, leather, fabric, plastic, etc. it sticks to clothes, but can peel off when washing. please iron it on. :)

  • what would you need?

    an iron, a piece of cotton fabric, the object you want to iron the patch onto. it can be ironed onto cotton and polyester fabrics, but beware of heat sensitive materials.

  • step 1

    remove the transparent foil from the patch. set the iron to low to medium heat. place the patch in the desired location.

  • step 2

    place a cotton cloth over the patch and put the iron on. press it firmly with the weight of your body for 15-20 seconds. do the same from the opposite side.

  • step 3

    leave the object on a flat surface until it has cooled completely. if it does not hold firmly, repeat step 2.

  • one more thing...

    for better attachment on frequently washed items, we recommend sewing the patch on. oh, and we made a quick manual for you - see below :)

    video manual